Malta Global Game Jam 2019

The Global Game Jam is a creative event where you team up with other people to make a playable game in 48 hours. On the 25th to 27th of January next year, jammers will be making games in more than 295 sites in 60 countries!

The Malta chapter of the Global Game Jam will take place at the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta.

Our special guest this year is:
Tomasz Kisilewicz - Lead Artist at 11 bit studios

Registration is 30 euro and places are strictly limited.

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Game Jam Program

Thursday, Jan 24th
Hole in the Wall, Sliema
21:30-01:00 Pre-Jam Gathering and Drinks
Friday, Jan 25th
Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta, Msida
15:00-15:30 Check in Opens
15:30-15:40 Welcome and Introduction
15:40-16:10 Community Building and Level Up Workshops: Stephen Caruana
16:10-17:10 Special Keynote: Tomasz Kisilewicz
17:15-18:00 GGJ keynote and Announcement of Theme
18:00-19:00 Pitches and Group Forming
Saturday, Jan 26th
Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta, Msida
11:00 Deadline for GGJ User Profiles and Game Pages
15:00-17:00 Expert panel (Have a short pitch ready for them!)
Sunday, Jan 27th
Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta, Msida
17:00 Deadline for Game Submission
17:30-19:30 Arcade Mode! Showcase your Game and Play the Others!
19:30 Deadline for Voting on your Favourite Game
20:00 Final Remarks and Closing

Special Guest

Tomasz Kisilewicz

Lead Artist at 11 bit studios. Graphic designer, architect and lecturer. Worked on "This War of Mine" and "Frostpunk", trying to find new ways of visual narrative in video games. Interested in everything that happens at the point of contact between Art and Design departments.

Creating Meaningful Entertainment. How do Art and Design come together to question your morality.

How do we tackle moral dillemas in video games? How do we leave our players both disturbed and satisfied at the same time? And how do Art and Design departments can learn and benefit from each other to deliver unique experiences? By looking at the curious cases of 'This War of Mine' and 'Frostpunk' we'll dive into the world of hard choices, dark moods and moral dillemas in a pursuit of the light of hope for our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never made a game! Is this for me?

A Game Jam is the perfect opportunity to make your first game from start to finish! You'll team up with people with different skills (programmers, artists, designers, musicians, etc.) and various levels of experience.

Where should I go?

We meet at the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta on Friday afternoon, 23rd of January. The premises will stay open till the jam ends on Sunday evening.

Do I need a team?

Don't come to the jam with a team. We encourage you to make a team on the spot. There will even be some time at the beginning of the jam to introduce yourself, pitch your ideas and to find people to jam with.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes! Bring any computers, laptops, musical instruments or anything else you think could be used to make a game. We'll give you access to wifi and some prototyping materials, and you can also use our workstations that have some useful software installed.

How about food?

We'll provide some light snacks and drinks. There are also plenty of places to buy food around campus. Expect to pay around 10-15 euro per meal.

Can I go home to sleep?

You can, but if you want to spend the night over you’re welcome to do so! You might even bring a sleeping bag with you.

Is there a theme?

The Global Game Jam organisers have a secret theme that they will reveal at the beginning of the jam. All the jammers around the world will be making games that relate in some way to this theme.

What kind of game can I make?

Any kind! Digital games, board games, physical games etc. are all part of the Global Game Jam! Use any tools or assets that you can freely and legally share online. The Global Game Jam organisers have even created a great list of jamming resources to get you started.

Who owns my IP?

You and your team hold all rights to your game. At the end of the jam we’ll ask you to upload the executable and source code of your game (or instructions on how to replicate your non-digital game) to the Global Game Jam website under a Creative Commons, share, alter, no sell license.

Is it a competition?

Yeah, there’s a competitive aspect. At the end of the jam local game industry professionals will give feedback on your games and choose their favourite. We’ll also have a popular vote. But judging aside, our emphasis is on the creation of fun, experimental and innovative games. So let’s jam!

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